10 April 2007

Recipes from Target

I got a Target ad in the mail that also had a recipe for a Shrimp Noodle Bowl. After reading the recipe and discovering that the most extensive cooking it involved was simmering and boiling, I decided to try it. I halved the recipe, since I like to use my medium saucepan for other things, and it came out pretty well. I tried the same recipe again tonight and modified it with a bit of onion. That worked well and made the soup a little bit less bland. Half the package of spaghetti is a lot of pasta, though, so you might want to use less if you would like your noodle bowl more soup-like. (I did)
With part of the rest of the onion I made some pickled cucumber. Maybe one day when I am feeling more ambitious, I'll try Caley's recipe.


caley said...

Oh, Doug, you flatter me! Assuming you meant that reference as a compliment, that is! :)
Seriously, though, that recipe might look daunting, but it was really easy. The only downside was that it took quite awhile to prepare (at least compared to making tacos or something, anyway). The taste, though? Totally worth the time. If you try it, let me know how it comes out!

D said...

No, it definitely was a compliment. I just am not entirely sure if I want to have the same dish for five days straight.

caley said...

Well, you could always halve the recipe, or invite a couple of people over to share it with you.
The reason I ate it for 5 days was because my husband is a big baby and found it too spicy for his taste (the recipe on my blog is a spiced-down version) and therefore it was entirely up to me to consume the whole pot. Which I had no problem doing, because, did I mention how awesome it was??? :)