27 September 2011

Manslaughter Charges in Italy for What Turned Out to Be an Inaccurate Statement About an Earthquake

This story:
on NPR is worth a read, about Italian scientists who thought that an earthquake wouldn't occur, said so, and are now on trial for manslaughter, which, in Italy, can attract a twelve year prison sentence.

25 September 2011

On Fixing Your Privacy Settings so Randoms Can't See Your Posts

This link:
is a useful article on changing your Facebook privacy settings so random people on the Internet who happen to be friends of one of your friends can't see posts on *your* profile.
Strangely, I think this ticker is very similar to the news feed that people got very upset about a couple of years ago.  I think that our feelings about privacy may have evolved.  My friend Jen posted this first.

12 September 2011

There's a good NPR piece on Bill Monroe -- the Father of Bluegrass -- see:

03 September 2011

Song about No Lawyers in Heaven

Last night I heard a cute song on the radio, entitled "No Lawyers in Heaven" by   You'll need iTunes to hear the song.  If you don't, Amazon can play you a shorter clip.

23 July 2011

CDC Has a Sense of Humor

I was going through draft blog posts and discovered this missing one from awhile back -- so I'm going to post it.

Someone at the CDC had a sense of humor and decided to do a blog post about surviving a zombie attack -- the tips are also applicable if there is a natural disaster.  (Thanks to Rene for the link)
Among the tips:
Plan your evacuation route. When zombies are hungry they won’t stop until they get food (i.e., brains), which means you need to get out of town fast! Plan where you would go and multiple routes you would take ahead of time so that the flesh eaters don’t have a chance! This is also helpful when natural disasters strike and you have to take shelter fast.
Also, did you know that you can kill zombies by shooting them in the head?  There's a song to drive the point home.

17 July 2011

University of Texas at Austin's Reading List and a Recommendation of My Own

I've made a tradition of, every year, posting a link to the University of Texas at Austin's summer reading list for ideas for reading material over the summer.  I'll add one of my own: North Star Over My Shoulder, by Bob Buck.  It's a good autobiography by Bob Buck, who flew for TWA for many years.  It's well written, and he explains the technical items to you, so you don't have to know all the technical terms.   It explains how they navigated in the days before LORAN and GPS -- they did it by the stars.  Imagine trying to land at Midway Island, flying from Alaska, just using the stars to navigate.  Quite tricky, I think.

25 June 2011

Sailing Can Be Fatal

I came across a blurb about this in the Post, but this article has more details (the Annapolis press is following it more closely). Essentially, a teenager was out over the side of the boat in a rope "trapeze" to counter the weight/wind's effect on the boat as she was sailing. The boat capsized, and she apparently became entangled in the trapeze and drowned because she was stuck below the surface. Awful.

I used to sail when I was younger and one time was in a trapeze in this type of boat. It never occurred to me that I could become entangled in the trapeze and die. Scary stuff.