25 June 2011

Sailing Can Be Fatal

I came across a blurb about this in the Post, but this article has more details (the Annapolis press is following it more closely). Essentially, a teenager was out over the side of the boat in a rope "trapeze" to counter the weight/wind's effect on the boat as she was sailing. The boat capsized, and she apparently became entangled in the trapeze and drowned because she was stuck below the surface. Awful.

I used to sail when I was younger and one time was in a trapeze in this type of boat. It never occurred to me that I could become entangled in the trapeze and die. Scary stuff.

20 June 2011

NPR is Not Boring

For those of you who think NPR is boring:
There have recently been pieces on:
The meaning of Bohemian Rhapsody.
and how Lazy Sunday (recall: seeing Chronicles of Narnia on the Upper West Side, and the debate about which Internet mapping system is the best) rose to fame.