27 September 2011

Manslaughter Charges in Italy for What Turned Out to Be an Inaccurate Statement About an Earthquake

This story:
on NPR is worth a read, about Italian scientists who thought that an earthquake wouldn't occur, said so, and are now on trial for manslaughter, which, in Italy, can attract a twelve year prison sentence.

25 September 2011

On Fixing Your Privacy Settings so Randoms Can't See Your Posts

This link:
is a useful article on changing your Facebook privacy settings so random people on the Internet who happen to be friends of one of your friends can't see posts on *your* profile.
Strangely, I think this ticker is very similar to the news feed that people got very upset about a couple of years ago.  I think that our feelings about privacy may have evolved.  My friend Jen posted this first.

12 September 2011

There's a good NPR piece on Bill Monroe -- the Father of Bluegrass -- see:

03 September 2011

Song about No Lawyers in Heaven

Last night I heard a cute song on the radio, entitled "No Lawyers in Heaven" by   You'll need iTunes to hear the song.  If you don't, Amazon can play you a shorter clip.