25 July 2005

AIM Fights

AOL Instant Messenger has a new thing to play with, www.aimfight.com
You can see how your popularity compares to other AOL Instant Messenger users.
The explanation for it was also written with a sense of humor.

24 July 2005

Scottish Music as a Podcast

Podcasts, in case you don't know, are downloads that are often listened to on an iPod, they are usually sent out as an MP3 file. I say "often listened to" because any MP3 player will do, whether on your computer or another MP3 player)
One of the problems with putting music out as a podcast is the copyright problem (since anytime you make an MP3 file available it can be listened to forever, and if you let someone have a music file forever, you don't give them any reason to buy a CD.)
Anyway. This guy, Mark Hunter, has managed to persuade various Scottish artists (who are unsigned) to allow him to put their music out as a Podcast. Because they're unsigned, there is no copyright concern to worry about.
If you have read this far, you're probably thinking that the music is going to be bagpipe music and thus uninteresting. While I cannot guarantee that you'll like it, the music is not bagpipe music. The show that I listened to, Spotlight Show 6, Ally Kerr, had music that is pop music..
I think it's worth listening to, particularly if you have a high-speed connection, since the files are a decent size (16 MB or so).
If you have Itunes 4.9, select:
Advanced|Subscribe to Podcast...
and type in this URL in the resulting dialog box.
Otherwise you can manually download the MP3s off the first URL and put them into the MP3 player of your choice.

21 July 2005

Seeing Dervish

I went to see this group called Dervish in Lancaster last Sunday evening. It was really hot, but worth it. The concert was free, part of the Longs Park Concert Series.
They ony played one or two songs (out of probably ten or fifteen) from their new album. Personally, I like their new album less than their older ones. While there, I got one of their CDs and had it autographed by the whole band. The one flaw in the concert is that when Cathy Jordan (the lead singer) picked a song to get the crowd to sing along to, she picked one that has a moderately difficult melody, as opposed to something easy.

04 July 2005

HOV Lanes on the Long Island Expressway

After years of construction, there are now HOV lanes on the
section of the Long Island Expressway that I travel on. They
are in the left-most lane, and if you are not traveling on
them during rush hour, you can be in them even if you are not
a carpool.
Does this mean that if I choose to travel in them, I have to
travel at the super high speed that Long Island speed-demons
would have me go? (You cannot switch in and out of them at
will, like some HOV lanes, you can only enter/exit them at
certain stretches) Therefore I don't think that the HOV lane
can be considered a passing lane. Comments?

Pete Seeger on NPR

Pete Seeger was on NPR on Saturday.

NPR did an interview with him where they discussed some of the folk songs he had been involved with, including "This land is your land" As a note, Woody Guthrie (the composer of this song) originally had the final words of the chorus be "God blessed America for me." as opposed to the familiar words "This land was made for you and me" I think the latter is better.