18 July 2004

Went to Harrisburg last Thursday, here are some photographs.

11 July 2004

Germany's lack of speed limits and our lack of laws on weapons

Heard an interesting piece on NPR's All Things Considered the other day.
They analogize the freedom of their lack of speed limits driving to to the freedom of our lack of weapon controls. It's an interesting analogy.
Click here for the story

07 July 2004


Lately I've been watching Jeopardy. The current contestant (Ken Jennings) has won 26 times as of today, and has won $828,000. I'm really impressed.

Iraq uses the Patriot Act as an example?!

I'm glad to see that Iraq is using our Patriot Act as an example of how civil liberties can be violated in the name of "security." See this link, scroll down to where it says "Patriot Act" in bold. Admittedly, though, Iraq is a bit more chaotic than the United States, and some of their actions may be necessary. At least they provide for renewal of the actions every sixty days.
Iraq and the Patriot Act

06 July 2004


I've seen a whole bunch of movies lately. Saw Supersize Me, and Goodbye Lenin among others, at the Carlisle Theatre. Supersize Me was really scary, it made me never want to have fast food again. Of course, the guy was pretty stupid. I mean everyone knows that it is unwise to have McDonalds food often! And having it every day???!!! Come on!
I don't mean to downplay the movie though, it's really good.
You can see what other movies are playing at:

Fahrenheit 9/11. Admittedly an extremely liberal movie, but still very good.