30 June 2006

Recipe for Sour Cucumber

Here is a recipe for sour cucumber, which is actually my grandmother's. It's easy.

The ingredients are: one cucumber, half an onion, and vinegar to taste. My grandmother adds a little bit of sugar, I don't. You'll also need a jar to put the finished product in. I use a salsa jar and a peanut butter jar, but you can also use tupperware.

1. Peel the cucumber and slice it thinly.
2. Peel the outer layers off the onion (I presume you start with a whole onion), and cut off the ends. Slice the onion in half, and then cut it lengthwise and cross-wise.
3. Put the cucumber and onion into the jar, and fill it about 1/8 of the way up with vinegar.
4. Fill the rest of the jar with tap water.
5. Seal the jar tightly and shake it to mix the water and vinegar together.
6. Taste the water/vinegar mixture and see if you think it is sour enough. If it is, reseal it and put it in the refrigerator and leave it there for a day. If not, add more vinegar (or if it is too sour add water), seal it and shake it again and taste it.

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rene said...

i have no idea why, but this post made me smile. there's no way in hell i would ever eat a sour cucumber (unless i was a guest in your grandmother's house and she offered me one, because i do have manners -- but i'll never be a guest because you hide me away from your family), so i'm unsure as to why the smile... maybe because it was so un-law/bar-like. i don't know. but thank you. :)