31 March 2010

E-Acceptances for Colleges

There was a piece on NPR on how e-acceptances (or rejections) are now in vogue.  This is good, so long as schools don't mess up and display the wrong decision online (as Cornell did).  They've definitely come a long way from when I was applying to school, when they (gasp) sent out letters.

14 March 2010

Getting the Precise Time

With daylight savings time coming into effect this weekend, I thought I would post two websites about getting the exact time.  This website will give you the precise time in every U.S. time zone.  This website, on the other hand, will give you a more visually attractive clock, but won't show you the time in the U.S.  It will show you Coordinated Universal Time (a/k/a Greenwich Mean Time), which is either five or four hours ahead of Eastern Time in the U.S., depending on whether you are on standard or daylight savings time.
Of course, if your computer is running Windows XP or above, or Mac OS X.4.x (Tiger) (and maybe even an earlier version of OS X, I'm not sure) or above, your computer is synced with a time server as well, so you can use your computer to set the exact time.

13 March 2010

Washington Monument and Why the Color Changes

At this link, there is a detailed explanation of why the Washington Monument's color changes.  The story doesn't start out talking about that, but if you search on obelisk, you'll see where it starts talking about the Washington Monument.