28 August 2006

It's that time of year again...

It's the Jewish holidays again, and that means that, as far as Giant is concerned, everything that is Jewish is on sale. Matzah? On sale. Gefilte fish? On sale. I don't eat matzah for Rosh Hashana, and you're not supposed to eat anything on Yom Kippur. Both matzah and gefilte fish are for Passover.
I do like that they have Kedem chocolate tea crackers on sale though...they're good, and low in calories, sixteen calories each.
I'd by matzah ball soup mix (it's on sale too), but I have about five boxes of it in my cabinet right now, so I don't think I need any right now.

26 August 2006

Monarch Butterflies

This summer I've seen a lot of monarch butterflies, including this one in a garden outside the Assemblee Nationale in Quebec City. I looked, and according to this website, http://www.monarchwatch.org/index.html , this has been a big year for monarch butterflies. This has more information than you would probably ever want to see about Monarch butteflies.

PMBR Found Liable for Copyright Infringement

This post has something to do with the bar exam.

PMBR was sued in the Eastern District Court of Philadelphia for copyright infringement. The judge (in a non-jury trial) found them liable for copyright infringement.
The judge says that: "This is the rare case in which there is direct evidence that [PMBR] copied [the National Conference of Bar Examiners]'s work.
And no, I am not so geeky as to surf around the Eastern District Court's website looking for opinions. I saw an AP posting on the New York Times's website, found the opinion online, and then decided to blog about it. The opinion is actually interesting reading, although it does contain at least one multiple choice question, so for people who want to avoid flashbacks to the bar exam, this might not be a good thing to read.

25 August 2006

Writely - A Useful On-The-Go Word Processor

I'm typing this post on Writely, at www.writely.com. Writely is an online word processor that is pretty cool. Google bought the company a few months back. It is open to anyone that wants to sign up, and will allow me to post directly to Blogger from within Writely. It is useful because Blogger sets the time as when I first start working on the post, which means that if I want to draft the post later on, I have to reset the post. It's a slick interface. Not as slick as Gmail, but still pretty slick. I wouldn't use Writely for my resume, but for text documents, and even minimally formatted text, it is pretty good. You can download files as a PDF (readable in Acrobat, or, of course, a Word file, among other formats).

22 August 2006

NPR Stories

The first story is about Geico's advertising campaign. There was an actors' strike when they were first starting the ad campaign, and so they decided to use the Gecko, and the rest is history. There have been a series of ads on Geico's motorcycle insurance which I've found funny recently.
The second is about a water rescue, and is sad, but very powerful.

16 August 2006

I Hope You Had The Time Of Your Life

For the last week I was hanging out -- for the last time for a long time -- with people from the law school. As we were leaving the bar on Friday I heard the song Time Of Your Life by Greenday. That song is a really cool song, particularly for ending phases of my life. At Binghamton during orientation someone quoted that song for us. They played it at my senior dinner when I graduated college, and now, again, on the last night of hanging out with people in Hyannis, I heard it again. Music can be really powerful sometimes.
Thanks, John, for hosting us.