20 July 2008

Red Cross Has Problems Again

I've written regarding the Red Cross's blood donation problems before.  According to an article in the Times, they still continue to have problems.  The article discusses a specific procedure for disinfection prior to inserting the needle to donate blood (swabbing antiseptic and such).  I didn't know there was a separate procedure, but I'll bet that other blood donation services that I've given to have not followed that rule. 

07 July 2008

Le Vent du Nord

I was listening to NPR recently and heard a Quebecois group called "Le Vent du Nord" or "The Wind from the North."  The band plays traditional Quebecois music.  The neat thing is that they play songs that date from the founding of Quebec and came across from France.  Meanwhile, these same French songs have become extinct in France.
There are songs to listen to both at NPR's website (where you can hear the report) and also at the band's MySpace page.  They're also on iTunes.