19 October 2006

Finding contacts by phone number

One of the features that I liked on my Virgin Mobile phone was a feature that you could use to find a phone number's associated contact that you had called if you wondered why you spent half an hour on the phone with that number. My Verizon Wireless Nokia did not have that feature and I missed it. However, I just discovered that my new (Samsung) Verizon Wireless phone has it and thought I would post instructions on using it. These instructions should work on a lot of Verizon Wireless phones because Verizon uses the same operating system (if it can be called that) for a lot of its phones.
To do this:
From the main screen of your phone:

  1. Type in phone number you are searching for.
  2. Press the options soft-key.
  3. Select search and press ok.
  4. It will list the numbers that it found.
  5. Press ok to view the contact information for the phone number.
You can also see all of your contacts in a given area code by typing in only the first three digits.

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