27 October 2006

Despite René's post...

(I obtained permission prior to posting this conversation)
A conversation that I just had with Thomas on AIM:
Me: just so you know, you're on rene's blog
Me: [Link to René's blog]
Thomas: haha.
Thomas: You don't call me Tom though.
Thomas: So tell her to give you a break.
Me: do you mind that i don't call you Tom?
Thomas: No.
Thomas: It would be weird if you did.

So there.


rene said...

oohhh! shot down! that hurts. :(

Anonymous said...

I love it! But Doug, from now one when you refer to me, I wish to be called "Grandmaster G", "G-money", "Easy G", "G-baby" or just plain "G."

tammy said...

ooh, me next.

i like thomas. i do not like tom. so remember, when you talk to me, please refer to thomas as thomas.

(i also call louis, louis or louey - so maybe tommy is okay too)

thank you.