25 August 2006

Writely - A Useful On-The-Go Word Processor

I'm typing this post on Writely, at www.writely.com. Writely is an online word processor that is pretty cool. Google bought the company a few months back. It is open to anyone that wants to sign up, and will allow me to post directly to Blogger from within Writely. It is useful because Blogger sets the time as when I first start working on the post, which means that if I want to draft the post later on, I have to reset the post. It's a slick interface. Not as slick as Gmail, but still pretty slick. I wouldn't use Writely for my resume, but for text documents, and even minimally formatted text, it is pretty good. You can download files as a PDF (readable in Acrobat, or, of course, a Word file, among other formats).

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