26 August 2006

PMBR Found Liable for Copyright Infringement

This post has something to do with the bar exam.

PMBR was sued in the Eastern District Court of Philadelphia for copyright infringement. The judge (in a non-jury trial) found them liable for copyright infringement.
The judge says that: "This is the rare case in which there is direct evidence that [PMBR] copied [the National Conference of Bar Examiners]'s work.
And no, I am not so geeky as to surf around the Eastern District Court's website looking for opinions. I saw an AP posting on the New York Times's website, found the opinion online, and then decided to blog about it. The opinion is actually interesting reading, although it does contain at least one multiple choice question, so for people who want to avoid flashbacks to the bar exam, this might not be a good thing to read.

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