18 June 2006

Fate and the Music I Listen To

The other day I realized that a lot of the music I have in my collection is not the result of listening to it on mainstream radio. Instead, it is dependent on fate and also my listening to music that was not on
I'm sure that I would have encountered Irish music even had I not gone to Newfoundland in 1997, and had my brother Thomas not found a CD of Newfoundland music. However, I don't think that I would have approached it in the same way or gotten CDs of the same bands that I have today.
I have a CD by a Quebecois band, Mes Aieux, which I discovered entirely by chance.
We were in Quebec City, and it just so happened that they were playing at a festival in a park, and I liked their music (even though I did not understand the words) and when I got back home, ordered a CD by them. I can't really describe their music, other than to say that it might be a cross between old Quebecois music and modern pop music, but that's not really doing it justice.
I have other music that I encountered through non-mainstream radio, like either an Australian Country Music station or a folk show I listen to on the BBC, for example. The only problem with non-mainstream music is that sometimes I have to order the music from overseas, which ends up being somewhat more expensive, especially because of the shipping.

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