20 December 2005

My two cents about Gmail's Recent Upgrades

So, I'm going to post my comments about Gmail's upgrades.
I like how they allow you to have group lists in Gmail. This will come in handy for when I need to send groups of people email but don't have them set up as a Google Group.
Sending an automated vacation message is also neat.
Although I like the idea of the RSS feeds in Gmail, I don't like how they implement ads with it. I am fine with the ads while reading the email, they are always off to the right and I can ignore them if I want to. However, I end up reading the ads when I am looking to see what RSS feed Gmail is offering me.
Instead, I have set up NPR and the BBC as live bookmarks on Mozilla Firefox. Just as nice, and no ads. Yet another reason why I think downloading Firefox is a good idea.
The virus scanning that they just set up is obviously good.


G said...

Have you ever tried using Gmail with Outlook, Eudora or something like that? I use it with Entourage and Mail and I am quite happy with it. No ads.

Douglas said...

Yes, G, I did try using Gmail with Outlook. Outlook is ok, but I don't entirely care for it because it tells you that you replied to a message when you start typing a reply, and I think it ought to not do that until the message is actually sent. I also can't figure out how to change a message to "not replied" if I did nto really reply to it. I used to use Thunderbird, but that does not word wrap plain text messages properly. Eudora generates an error message each time I try to send a message (and I can't figure out a workaround) I tend to be very fussy about my email programs, I could actually do a whole other post on email programs.