07 March 2011

Hiking with a Random Dog

Random dog that followed us hiking.
Right now I am TDY* to Huntsville and have been for about a month.  Sunday, after the torrential rains we had Saturday, I decided to go on a hike with a colleague at Monte Sano State Park.  The park was really nice, it has a lot of buildings built by the Civilian Conservation Corps back before World War II.  The neatest thing was how a dog decided that my colleague and I made for more interesting hiking companions than its owners, and took off with us for about three quarters of a mile as we started to hike around the mile.  Eventually, its owner came over and retrieved it, but I was beginning to wonder what would happen if the owner was not there when we got back to the car, and whether I was going to have to figure out how to smuggle a dog into the University of Alabama in Huntsville's housing.   It was a nice hike, though, even if it was a bit muddy and cut short because of time.
* TDY, for non-Army readers of this blog, means temporary duty (or, in normal English, a business trip).  It is sometimes used like a verb.

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