26 August 2007

They are Penn State...Too

There was an article in the Times about Penn State's football team and how, to fundraise, they have to clean the seats at Beaver Stadium after football games.
I think this is wrong. The football team (except this year, when they are being punished for alleged misdeeds) does not have to clean Beaver Stadium after the game. I realize that the fencing team does not generate the same type of revenue for Penn State that the football team does. But, it strikes me that Penn State could invest some of the vast fortune that football generates and put it into the fencing team (and other "minor" sports). The fencing team, after all, had a better record than Nittany Lions Football last year. Of course, then Penn State will have to hire someone to clean the football stadium, rather than using free slave labor from the fencing team.
A disclosure: In high school, I was on a fencing team, not a football team.


Anonymous said...

Did you fence in college? Were there girls on the fencing team?

Danielle said...

The Penn State football players have to clean the stadium not for fundraising, but because of a fight that a bunch of the players were involved in months ago. It is Joe Paterno's way of punishing them for bad behavior, not exploiting slave labor. Go Buckeyes!!

Anonymous said...

What are you a communist? The team that brings in money has to pay for everyone else? Isnt the solution to charge to see the fencing... or to make fencing interesting... or to pay for it yourselves?