10 July 2007

Avril Lavigne Plagiarizing?

People are saying that Avril Lavigne plagiarized her latest song "Girlfriend" from an obscure band from the 1970s. There's an article discussing this on CBC. (Be forewarned, the video that this article links to, at least the quicktime version, is rather loud) Her manager claims there is "no basis" at all, but I disagree. The chorus seems pretty similar, in my opinion. I wonder if whoever wrote the song gambled that because the band with the song was so obscure, they could get away with it.


Anonymous said...

Ok, being a copyright lawyer, I've heard a lot about this issue and have to spew. To find her guilty of infringment, she'd have to have substantial similarity and access. Though we can argue all we want about similarity, there is no proof of access. The plaintiff's band (Rubinoos) isnt obscure - they wrote the revenge of the nerds theme - the one case that offered radio play as access (The My Sweet Lord / He's So Fine case) is highly criticized.
More interesting is that Avril admitted she heard ANOTHER song that has the "hey, hey, you, you" part - the Stone's "Get Off of My Cloud." And if the Stones sued, they would have a better case (because Avril admitted having access).

In truth... how many songs have people heard that have a combination of "hey" and "you" in it?
She should be sued because the song is awful, not infringing. You can put people in seperate rooms and if they write the same story - then its not copyright infringment. But if that story is Battlefield Earth, Glitter, or Gigli - then they should be shot.

Anonymous said...

I thank that ya'll need to just leave avril lavigne alone and so what if she did copy it from a band 20 years ago.I thank that everyone who makes a big deal about something that stupid is just jelious that they cant be famous and cool like avril lavigne. so shut-up about it already.