14 April 2006

National Anthems Online Free

Although I talked about the Star Spangled Banner a long time ago, here is a link to lots of National Anthems from around the world. The link also has ceremonial music, so if you ever would like to hear what bugle calls sounds like, just click on ceremonial music and then click on bugle calls. Or, if you would like to hear taps and you live in Carlisle, just go outside and face towards the War College at 11:00 p.m., and you can hear it.


surplemaple said...

what if i face away from the war college? will i be unable to hear it?

Douglas said...

What I meant is that if the sound was blocked by a building, you might not be able to hear it. If you were in an open field somewhere around here and faced away, I'd imagine you would be able to hear it.