08 January 2006

Roller Skating Kids

So, over break, I went to the New York Historical Society and saw this kid, probably about ten or eleven or so, using these new shoes which have a wheel on the bottom of them, so that he could skate around the museum. While I definitely think the shoes were neat, I also don't think that it was entirely appropriate for him to go skating around a museum where there are irreplaceable historical objects. I mean, you would never allow someone to go roller skating in a museum, so why should he be allowed to use these quasi-rollerskates which do the same thing? I think his parents should have been exercising more control over him. I'm not being a spoilsport here, if the kid wanted to go rollerskating on a sidewalk, I'd have no problem with that, so long as he did not pose an unreasonable hazard to other pedestrians.


rene said...

oh, doug. what are we gonna do with you? i know! buy you some heelys! did you ever have any fun as a child?!?

p.s. want to borrow my heely's? cause i totally own a pair that's floating around erie somewhere. ;o)

Douglas said...

Yes, I did have fun as a child, I even had Fisher Price (at least I think they were Fisher Price) roller skates that I got when I was pretty young. They were blue and yellow and could be adjusted to accommodate a larger foot. I also had roller blades at age ten or so. I gather though, that these Heelys are not something new that have just come out? I thought they were new, I had never seen them before.