21 July 2005

Seeing Dervish

I went to see this group called Dervish in Lancaster last Sunday evening. It was really hot, but worth it. The concert was free, part of the Longs Park Concert Series.
They ony played one or two songs (out of probably ten or fifteen) from their new album. Personally, I like their new album less than their older ones. While there, I got one of their CDs and had it autographed by the whole band. The one flaw in the concert is that when Cathy Jordan (the lead singer) picked a song to get the crowd to sing along to, she picked one that has a moderately difficult melody, as opposed to something easy.

1 comment:

rene said...

difficult melody or not, we all know how well you do with the sing-a-alongs. although, maybe it was hard on you, since zoe wasn't there to join. ;o)